Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So, How Many DUI's Do You Have????

This is a question I had to answer last week!! The person shall remain nameless, but is in management (that should tell you everything you need to know), at my place of employment; but I'll tell the story just the same. ;))

This person has seen my Pugsley parked in the locker room. I heard said person was asking how many DUI's I had to be riding my bike all the time. Someone piped up, and said, go ask him! Knowing full well that I'm a smartass, and would fully explain it!!?!!
So, he asked, and I got a hearty laugh, and showed him my drivers license. Then I said let's go for a walk........ I took him next door to Irathane systems to show him a bike of someone who has multiple DUI's, and then back across the parking lot to show him a none DUI bike. :))
Now, I'm not knocking the poor soul who has multiple DUI's; you play, you pay! You make bad choices, you are at the mercy of the state, and so on.

It just struck me as very short sighted and shallow of this person, who just assumed I got myself into trouble, and that's why I "HAVE" to ride a pedal bike.
I told him I pedal a bike so as not to kill anyone, and for your, and my well being!!
I think it was totally lost on him, and that's too bad.
Oh well, his problem, not mine!!
Pedal on!!!



  1. Hilarious. I once had a car with a group of kids in it shout "DUI loser". I'm pretty sure the bike cost more than their car.

  2. I've never even thought of making that connection.

  3. I've gotten that question a bunch over the years. People actually act surprised when they see me drive somewhere.

  4. I surely did like this post. :-)

    I actualy do have a "DUI Bike" It is a bike I bought for a reduced rate from someone at work who got a DUI and rode to work until he got his driver's lecense back. I keep it on top my rollers in the basement.

  5. I too have never heard or thought of that reference. Interesting.

  6. i sometimes wonder if people think that seeing me riding to work in the wind and rain,
    but whatever the weather i still arrive feeling a lot better by bike!

  7. I new the connection before I even got to the second paragraph. Maybe it's an Iron Range thing;)
    What an ass to "ass"ume such a thing.

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