Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So it will Begin......

65mm of goodness!!!

As soon as my Pug gets done, this will be the place for me to post my adventures, and so... for you to read about said adventures.

For those of you that stumbled upon this blog, and are saying WTF is a Pugsley??
It is a true Fat tire mountain bike, (damn near 4" wide tires), that will take you over sand and snow, and damn near anything else you throw at it!!
There are other companies that make Fat Bikes, but how could I pass up keeping my hard earned $$$$ in state, and at my LBS??
It's made by Surly Bikes (see links), right here in the great state of Minnesota.

Now, I live in northern Mn. and we have much more snow than sand, so most of my adventure will deal with snow.
although I think I might have to find some sand in the near future!!
Lake Superior here I come!!! LOL

A big shout-out goes to coastrider (you the man!!) for the suggestion about making this blog, dedicated to (my) the great Surly Pugsley!!!

Thanks man!!!