Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can't We All Just Get Along!!!

Heavy dose of piss whining about to begin!! :)

I don't know why this bothers me?
Every year, (so, i should be used to it, right??), after there's enough snow, some round headed ass munch decides to run his/her sled or wheeler on the winter trail I pack with the snowshoes.
That's why I stick to the heavily wooded area of this certain area.
Well, this year, said ass munch slowly and with much effort went in between the trees and such, even to a point of getting their wheeler stuck between two trees!!! Lol wish I was there to see that one!!
Oh well, you can't fix stupid, and I guess they feel I'm infringing on their area......
Ha Ha NOT!!!
Also, I guess you can't fix ignorance!! It doesn't take much planning to hop on a sled and or wheeler and go bombing around, and then totally mess up someone's hard work!!
Ok, done!! ;)
I think making trail through the thick underbrush of the swamp will be in order next winter!!
Some scouting will occur as soon as this weekend!!
Pedal On!!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After all These Years

It never fails to blow my mind how warm -5 is compared to -30, even with a stiff wind!!!
Living in northern Mn. for the majority of my life, you think I'd be used to that temp swing; but it still blows my little mind!!
Ha Ha
Tomorrow morning looks to be the last morning of frigid temps with a -32 on the way.

Also looks like the AH135 will start on Monday with mere human lows, and a fresh blanket of 3-5" of new snow!!
Good luck to everyone turning a pedal, putting one foot in front of the other, and gliding on skis!!
One of these years I'll take my shot at it!!

Pedal On!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

After the Long Way Home

Cold.......... Isn't it all relative??
-15 or..... -30 with the wind at 1:15 this afternoon.

What's to cold?
Your answer to that question, I'm sure is different than mine; or then again, if you stop by here, we probably are pretty like minded and surely have close to the same answer. Then again, maybe not!! ;)

It's been a good 4 years since we've seen temps well below freezing.
This morning was an awesome slap in the face with my first steps out the door.
i forgot how to dress (duh) and was WAY over dressed for the cold temps this morning. That, and forgetting I had 4 psi in both front and rear tires made for a quick warm up before I reached the end of our block. Oh well, I was at work before to long and, Not to fear, I'll get a do over tomorrow morning, with projected temps to be around -30.

i laughed at myself (and now you can laugh at me also), before walking in the house this afternoon.
i swear I was smiling, I swear!!!
Ha Ha
I also found another picture of windchill temps of the state of Mn. The U.P. of Michigan and northern Wis. during the a.m. this morning.
Pedal On!!

Now this is Winter, In Northern Mn.!!!

It's been awhile since we've had temps like this; and I know for one.............
I LOVE IT!!!!!
Yes, I may be a bit touched , but so be it!!
Ha Ha
Pedal On!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Duluth Fat Bike Weekend - February 15-17th

Mark your calendar, put it in your phone....... Whatever........
This just popped up on the MORC forums.
Check it out!!
Looks to be pretty interesting!!
I've pedaled the length of Minnesota Point, but never during the "dark-times."

Pedal On!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On My Way Home

Just a few snap shots on my way home.
The riding is still perfect!!

Another inch of snow fell overnight; with another couple forecasted for the next couple days.
We're suppose to really go into the deep freeze from Thursday until Tuesday.
YEAH!! Lol

Pedal On!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Perfect Conditions

I've been pedaling the big tires of the Pugsley since 2008/09, and the conditions we have right now, are the most perfect since I've started pedaling my Pugsley!!!
Unreal perfect!!
The warm temps and rain we had over the end of last week...... Sucked for sure, but the deep freeze we are in now made all my work on winter trail come to a perfect head!! Everything is like super sticky concrete!! Damn!! ;)
Riding the snowshoes stomped trail right now is like riding on rails!!! Unfreaking believably fun!!!
As I type this out, I'm waiting on Z to get home so we can go fat tire it up!!!
Pedal On!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Check Out The Double V

Are you bored with your FatBike?
Do you need that special something to make it feel new again???
Besides dropping coin on a new ride!
Maybe a new frame color is in order?
Maybe you want your rims drilled?
Maybe you want your rims painted that special color to put some pop in them?
Check Chris out here, if your in the Midwest, or anywhere else for that matter!!

Pedal On!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To The New Year....

And may all your pedal goals come to fruition!!
The nasty sickness has now made it's way through our home. Thank goodness I don't go back to work till the 7th.
Pedal On!!