Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After all These Years

It never fails to blow my mind how warm -5 is compared to -30, even with a stiff wind!!!
Living in northern Mn. for the majority of my life, you think I'd be used to that temp swing; but it still blows my little mind!!
Ha Ha
Tomorrow morning looks to be the last morning of frigid temps with a -32 on the way.

Also looks like the AH135 will start on Monday with mere human lows, and a fresh blanket of 3-5" of new snow!!
Good luck to everyone turning a pedal, putting one foot in front of the other, and gliding on skis!!
One of these years I'll take my shot at it!!

Pedal On!!

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  1. It is amazing what a difference 10 or 20 degrees can make. I have thought about the Arrowhead, but I know -40°F and myself would not get along. At least not 30 hours worth.

    Thanks for the post,