Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It's NOT what you think!! LOL
Show them some love by giving them a "like!" Bookmark their blog site, and sit back and watch off road riding grow on Minnesota's Iron Range!!! 

While we get set for our annual dumping of April snowfall...... Some people are whining, some people are REALLY whining and some people are throwing their hands up saying "No Mas."
Whatever camp you land in after this winter, don't worry...... shorts riding weather is truly right around the corner!! 

Getting the Iron Range of northern Minnesota covered, one club at a time!! 
Welcome boys!! The more the merrier!! 

Be it road riding, off-road riding; or FatBiking......... It's still on two wheels...... being moved on down the "whatever" surface by human power!! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Final Piece of the Puzzle......

Arrived today!!!
Someone's pumped!! LOL
I picked J up from school after I ran into the brown Santa a couple blocks from our house. 

Of course we had to open it once we got home!!

The next pictures will be of a complete ridable spanking new RED 9:zero:7!!


Duluth, in August!!

It's Time To Speak Up!!!

Let your voice be heard in support of northern Michigan FatBiking.
You DO NOT have to be from the local area to sign!!
Pedal On!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

More from 3/29/2014 @ Giants Ridge

I'm finding more pictures, and I know I have plenty more to find. 
So this is where they'll go, in no particular order. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

1st Annual Giants Ridge FatBike Race

The inaugural running of FatBikes on the groomed XC ski trails of Giants Ridge was a success!!

With 23 toeing the line at the start, the gun was fired at 9:00 a.m. sharp. 
After a 30 yard sprint everyone was on their bikes and pedaling down the trails.


Overnight temps dropped from higher single digits to lower double digits.
Trail conditions and temps during the race could not have been more perfect!! 

Griffin M. Took top honors, with Shawn C. a close 2nd. 

While snomo trails and XC ski trails aren't my favorite riding, it sure was nice meeting people I've only talked with over the internet; making connections for future FatBike advocacy; and the overall good nature of the FatBike crowd!! 

I'd be amiss not saying thank you to Giants Ridge and staff..... and a BIG  THANKS to John Filander (events director of G.R.)  for throwing such a cool event together so close to home!!! 

Also a nice little award cerimonies and BBQ was held afterwards.

The youngest finisher with his throphy!! Way to go Ricky Jr.

Rumor has it..... Next year there will be both a long and a short race!! 

Anyway, that's enough words. 
Plenty of pictures to follow.... With more as I'm "allowed" to use the computer!! Just messing with ya Cindi, and thank you for all the cool photo's!! 

Random shots at the finish line. 

Proud Pops!!

I have more pictures, but this is good for now.
Pedal On....... SNOW!!!