COGGS will be hosting a crosstown adventure Fatbike ride on Saturday July 19th. The ride is free to everyone, member or not. The route will take us from Lester Park on the east side of town and finish at Mont du Lac on the west side. Mont du Lac has a bar and grill where we can hang out and rehydrate and get post ride nourishment. Along the way we will ride a handful of the COGGS single track (weather permitting) and a bunch of unmapped trails including the Big Kahuna, the power lines, and a few deer trails. The route is sure to include ripping fast single track, super technical trails, creek crossings, hike-a-bike sections, and super steep downhills, something everyone will love. 

We will start at Lester Park in the main parking lot at 9:00 AM and start the ride soon after. The ride will be in the 50 mile range so plan accordingly with food, water, spare tubes, etc. We will plan on stashing some food and drinks (PB&J and gatoraide) along the way also. 

You are responsible for transportation back to Lester Park so buddy up. 

We will plan on having different paced groups to keep things moving along smoothly. 

Questions - Contact Rudy O'Brien