Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Arrowhead 135 Bikers Wish for Colder Temps

Local news headline for a news story this morning. Peace

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Arrowhead Pace Line

Photo from Russel L. Off  the Arrowhead 135 Facebook page.
The lead group (of 8)head into Gateway.


1st updates in: Arrowhead 135

The 1st 8 riders in and out of the Gateway, within minutes of each other!! 
Go boys go!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Path........

Today after work, I found out where and what has made this path. 
It's a frozen creek (duh) that flows south from Bryan Lk. 
Made by a fine fellow who's packed everything down nicely with his 3wheeler!! 
Damn those things make a nice path through the snow!!

I'm never been back here, ever!! LOL

I love my Pugs!!!

1/4 mile from where I snapped this picture, the creek turns right and then wind's it's way out to a nice area of wetlands that's frozen over, and awesomely rideable. 

It also comes out very near my place of employment!!

I now have a new way to pedal to and from work!!!

Mojo and I will go for a pedal and snap some pictures later this week.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lake Riding is Perfect!!!

with the lack of serious snow so far this year; lake riding could not be more perfect!!! the ice is over 18" thick with drifts here and there...........AWESOME!!!
yesterday Mojo and i again headed out after work.
-8 and no wind =  more perfection!!!

someone's made a new wheeler trail from who knows where; but it's perfect to pedal on!!!

2 hours and 8-10 or so miles later, we both were ready to make our way home.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Some Random Observations


I've been noticing a weird trend while reading other blogs, and finding new blogs to read.

Just in the last couple of days.

Between people disliking the name "FatBike" to people thinking you're less of a rider if you pedal around a FatBike, (seems someone thinks riding a skinny through 4" of snow makes you a better rider), really now??!!
While others think it's (a FatBike), all hype. 

Before you go all....... Hey,  is this jackass talking about me??? 
Yes, I probably am; and I have a right to my opinion as much as you have a right to yours. :)
Which in NO WAY makes mine mean more than yours, or yours mean more than mine!!   

Unless you view yourself as some elitist bike snob?? And look down on all other cyclists.......

Then in that case.......... GO FUCK YOURSELF, I'm right!! 

It reminds me of when mountain biking was just starting out, but more so the 29er movement. 

"you wanna push around 29" wheels, are you crazy??? Man is that stupid, makes you less of a rider, and is just hype!!!" 
Hmm, we all know where that lead. 
A lot of the nay-sayers were sporting 29ers not to far down the road. 

I've never been one to care who rides what, where and when, (and I think regular readers know that), one bike is NOT better than all the rest. 
Bottom line........ RIDE RIDE RIDE........ whatever you like, wherever you like just RIDE!!!

Don't knock others because they like to ride something you think is beneath you, or "you'd never catch me dead on that!!" Or you just don't see the purpose of. 

We as bicyclists need to stick together!!! 
Cause you never know when that guy or gal pushing the Fatties around is gonna save your frozen turd of an ass with a spare tube, gel or whatever else some day!!! ;)

In the immortal words of R.K. "Can't we all just get along??"

Pedal On!! 


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Short Pedal

We took a couple laps around the local lake after work today.
Mojo did well, and maybe the 3-4 miles will tire his ass out!!! ;)

It's also snowing; 2-4" are being called for by morning. 
After that, the cold kicks in. -20 by 6 a.m. With wind chill's expected to be right around -40. 
Should be a fun ride into work!!! 


Monday, January 16, 2012

The Triple F Event Flyer

Nicely done flyer!!!
I love the last lone leaf!! 

This event is coming together nicely; and I'm thinking about making the 4 hour drive south to give my support to this event!!

With the little ladies support, of course!!! ;)
Cindi you reading this??? :)

With the rise of FatBikes and the race's that are popping up all over the mid-west, it's nice to have a few within respectable drive times. 
With a young family, low drive time come into play!! ;))


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Foxwear NeoShell Jacket

I'm very impressed with this jacket; so much so, I'll share my thoughts with you.

What 1st struck me, was the workmanship of this jacket, beautiful!!
You can tell Lou takes great pride in his work, and is very talented at what he does. 2nd, for said workmanship this jacket could be sold in excess of $200; but the price of $120 is a nice change from over priced, not well functioning gear.
Kudos Lou, and here's to the little guy!!

This NeoShell material is pretty damn sweet, and works as advertised.
What a breath of fresh air; when things really do work as stated!!
Since my jacket arrived we've only had a one week of cold, but not frigid temps. I quickly found out that all I needed was my base layer on in anything over 15-20 degrees. I had the jacket made XXXL (for layering purposes), with XXL arms.
It's 1st real test was yesterday after work. It was 26 when I left for work in the a.m.

Side note......... I quit watching the weather, since it's been in the mid 40's for far far too long!!!

Well, during the day the temp dropped and the NW wind picked up something fierce. Single digit temps and double digit below wind chills at 3:15.
Here I was with just my base layer, and nothing in my camelbak to throw on over it, just the Foxwear jacket.
Hmmmmm here comes a good test??!!
I left for home and was non the worse for wear by the time I got there. I had that all familiar chill at 1st, but after a block or two all was good in my world........ No wind got through the jacket and I was dry when I arrived home.
All and all next to my Dogwood Design Plus Pogies, this Foxwear NeoShell jacket is the best cycling purchase I've made to date!!!!
Thanks Cindi!!! :)
Pedal On!!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

What's All the Fuss???

We have plenty of snow out there!!!
Not as much as this time last year, but there's plenty!!

frozen solid this morning, and loud as hell!!
i had to stop and put some ear plugs in!!
Not really, but i could've. :/

lots of wheeler tracks, and a few crazy people's snomo tracks!!

My Foxwear jacket really kicks ass!!!
now i just need a frame bag to lose the camelbak on these shorter rides.

Anyway, here's some more pic.
all in all....... an hour and a half, and just under 10 miles.

i knew this guy was out here, but it was so loud this morning i couldn't get closer. next time i'll sneak up on him.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Talked to My Doctor Today...........

He gave me this!!! ;)
Ha Ha Ha

I don't usually do this, (post about a ride i'm about to take), but I'm gonna go for a pedal in the a.m.
It seems that working a 40 hour week has made me soft ?, and I need to give myself a kick in the ass. 
Maybe getting this post out there will give me that boot that I need.
I'll bring the camera and snap a few pictures along the way. 
The boss may even let me use her computer to post the pictures??? LOL


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Will She Make It??

Check this out!! I'm all for adventure, but IMHO you need the right tool for the job; and the bike they are putting her on is all wrong!! Again this is just MHO. I dislike pushing my Pugs when the need arises. I just can't see pushing that bike!! I know it's legit, but pushing that thing must be a bear. More power to her!!! Pedal On!! ;) Peace

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Still, After all These Years.......

We, as cyclists, have to fight this battle. Sad!!!

Be safe in all your 2012 two wheeled travels, and have fun!!
Pedal On!!