Thursday, January 12, 2012

Foxwear NeoShell Jacket

I'm very impressed with this jacket; so much so, I'll share my thoughts with you.

What 1st struck me, was the workmanship of this jacket, beautiful!!
You can tell Lou takes great pride in his work, and is very talented at what he does. 2nd, for said workmanship this jacket could be sold in excess of $200; but the price of $120 is a nice change from over priced, not well functioning gear.
Kudos Lou, and here's to the little guy!!

This NeoShell material is pretty damn sweet, and works as advertised.
What a breath of fresh air; when things really do work as stated!!
Since my jacket arrived we've only had a one week of cold, but not frigid temps. I quickly found out that all I needed was my base layer on in anything over 15-20 degrees. I had the jacket made XXXL (for layering purposes), with XXL arms.
It's 1st real test was yesterday after work. It was 26 when I left for work in the a.m.

Side note......... I quit watching the weather, since it's been in the mid 40's for far far too long!!!

Well, during the day the temp dropped and the NW wind picked up something fierce. Single digit temps and double digit below wind chills at 3:15.
Here I was with just my base layer, and nothing in my camelbak to throw on over it, just the Foxwear jacket.
Hmmmmm here comes a good test??!!
I left for home and was non the worse for wear by the time I got there. I had that all familiar chill at 1st, but after a block or two all was good in my world........ No wind got through the jacket and I was dry when I arrived home.
All and all next to my Dogwood Design Plus Pogies, this Foxwear NeoShell jacket is the best cycling purchase I've made to date!!!!
Thanks Cindi!!! :)
Pedal On!!



  1. I'm gonna have to get me one. Thanks for the share....

  2. Not a problem Mr. D!!!
    One thing i forgot to mention.
    I've been trying to edit my post to add this, but blogger is being goofy.
    I did have Lou make my jacket with the heavy weight material.
    After all it gets cold here in the woods!!! Lol