Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Some Random Observations


I've been noticing a weird trend while reading other blogs, and finding new blogs to read.

Just in the last couple of days.

Between people disliking the name "FatBike" to people thinking you're less of a rider if you pedal around a FatBike, (seems someone thinks riding a skinny through 4" of snow makes you a better rider), really now??!!
While others think it's (a FatBike), all hype. 

Before you go all....... Hey,  is this jackass talking about me??? 
Yes, I probably am; and I have a right to my opinion as much as you have a right to yours. :)
Which in NO WAY makes mine mean more than yours, or yours mean more than mine!!   

Unless you view yourself as some elitist bike snob?? And look down on all other cyclists.......

Then in that case.......... GO FUCK YOURSELF, I'm right!! 

It reminds me of when mountain biking was just starting out, but more so the 29er movement. 

"you wanna push around 29" wheels, are you crazy??? Man is that stupid, makes you less of a rider, and is just hype!!!" 
Hmm, we all know where that lead. 
A lot of the nay-sayers were sporting 29ers not to far down the road. 

I've never been one to care who rides what, where and when, (and I think regular readers know that), one bike is NOT better than all the rest. 
Bottom line........ RIDE RIDE RIDE........ whatever you like, wherever you like just RIDE!!!

Don't knock others because they like to ride something you think is beneath you, or "you'd never catch me dead on that!!" Or you just don't see the purpose of. 

We as bicyclists need to stick together!!! 
Cause you never know when that guy or gal pushing the Fatties around is gonna save your frozen turd of an ass with a spare tube, gel or whatever else some day!!! ;)

In the immortal words of R.K. "Can't we all just get along??"

Pedal On!! 



  1. I hope that's not me. I'm joking when I poke fun. Although, I'm sure I've fanned some flames, I try not to do so in a way which is actually mean to anyone or would come across as me thinking i'm "better".

  2. I'm naive about the 'trend' but I agree with this a lot. It's about riding for the fun of riding. If I was going to ride with kids, I'd bring a Big Wheel with one of them cool breaks that spin you out! It's about have a good time people.