Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Will She Make It??

Check this out!! I'm all for adventure, but IMHO you need the right tool for the job; and the bike they are putting her on is all wrong!! Again this is just MHO. I dislike pushing my Pugs when the need arises. I just can't see pushing that bike!! I know it's legit, but pushing that thing must be a bear. More power to her!!! Pedal On!! ;) Peace


  1. Interesting that she hasn't chosen a real fatbike. Still, she might have a chance of success, since there is probably a small army doing everything else for her and she can just concentrate on riding or pushing the bike.

  2. I was thinking of your comment about 'not' pushing the bike. When I was trying different gearing out on my FatBack, and went to a 22 in front and a 32 in back the comment was made I can walk faster then that. True, however I would rather ride 2.5 miles per hours then walk a bike 3.0 mph. Just more fun to stay in the saddle. Ride on.

  3. Interesting bike. I have to wonder how that would work at the Iditasport.

    Thanks for the post!