Friday, July 27, 2012

A Few More From Minnesota Point

5:15 a.m. 7/5/2012

i gotta share some about this Lezyne micro HV floor pump. if you've been looking for a high volume mini pump; look no further!!! this thing kicks some serious ass!!! a quick spin and flip of the little gold piece (in the pictures), and you have your presta or schrader valve. well worth $$

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surly....... Does it Again!!

I've never given the 29er platform a look; until now!! The Krampus

Monday, July 23, 2012

80 miles on my Trusty Pugsley!! Crazy or not; it's what I do.......... ;)

Friday found me working a 1/2 day; that...... in it's self is a good thing!! 
Ha Ha

The main reason was to see how long it would take me to get to Grand Rapids, Mn. About a  30-40 car ride from Hibbing. You see on August 4th there's the annual Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Tour ride. This year it starts in Grand Rapids and ends in Virginia, Mn. 
64 miles along a paved trail in northern Mn. 
Every year this event highlights a different section of this soon to be 115 mile long trail from Grand Rapids to Ely, Mn.  This event has become an annual event for the kids and myself. With the kids joining me at different spots along the trail.
This year Zack will join me in Hibbing for the 26 mile ride to Virginia, with Jenna joining her brother and I in Buhl, Mn. for her 13 mile ride to Virginia. It's always a fun time, and very challenging for the kids. Which in my eyes is a good thing for them. 

I hear you; so how long did it take you!!?? 
The ride to Rapids took me 3 hours and 47 minutes! Just under an 11 miles an hour average, with a 13-15 mph head wind. I figure early a.m. On the 4th I can cut that time down to 3 or even 2:30 with no head wind. We'll see on that one though!! LOL

Anyway, that brings me to another point I was asked before I left work Friday. 
All I heard from the guys I work with was....... WHY???

Truthfully? I did not know how to answer them!! The only reply I could muster was; 
Crazy or not!!
The guys who really know me didn't even question, they already know that's how I am. 

Yes, a road bike would've made the journey easier, but then again; that's not the point now is it? A road bike would not have made it more FUN though; and to me, that's the be all and  end all......... FUN!! 

It should be noted..... That picture of the thermometer,  was with it in the shade!!!!
I almost didn't attempt the ride back, but after a lot of water and gatorade, and an hour of sitting in "the shade" I mounted up and started my journey back home!! ;) 

Crazy or not........ Ride what ya want and LOVE IT!!

As always, a big thanks to my family for letting me "DO WHAT I DO!!"
I LOVE you all!!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Minnesota Point; Along the Shores of Lake Superior.

Found me up and out of the hotel room at 4:15. 
At the end of Duluth's Park Point by 5:15.
A quick drop of PSI, and I was off down the beach towards a couple geocaches at the "end of the line." AKA: Minnesota Point.
What fun it was bombing down the beach with 3.5 PSI in both tires.
I have more pictures, but these are the ones I have access to right now.
After 6 days away on an awesome trip up Minnesota's North Shore; coming back to reality sure SUCKS the big one!!!