Friday, September 30, 2011

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day 10/1.......Really?

Funny, I have a couple hundred "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day/s" under my belt already this year!! My kids should consider themselves lucky!! Ha ha

I dislike IMBA for many reasons, and I guess I should devote a blog post to those reason here soon.
Before you post "but they do so much for mountain biking," I couldn't agree more!!
I guess you would have had to be on the phone that day in late 1992, early 1993, and heard what a rep told me about mountain biking in the great state of Minnesota!!!

My IMBA how times change, HEY!!!??!!!

Anyway, Zack and I will be heading over to Grand Rapids in the a.m. To hit up the Legion Trail system there.. YEAH, just another day of biking for me and Z!! Yawn, ho hum!!! NOT!!!!

Everyday you take a child out for a pedal is a great...... Wait...... a GREAT GREAT DAY!!!!

I wish my father would have had taken me, but that's not what he was about; and that's cool!! he was still a great father!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Late September Ride at Maple Hill

It's been to damn long!!!
It's been to damn nice outside!!!
Screw 12 hours days!!! 10 will do just fine!!!
Well, at least till it starts raining again!!! lol

Zack and i were suppose to go for a pedal after work today.
80 degrees meant some great weather for this time of year.
it also meant Papa Steven took the kids to the local park right after school.

so my buddy Mike F. and i went for a pedal at Maple Hill Park!!!
Thanks for calling Mike!!!

Lots of pedaling, and little photo's were taken. it's been awhile since i've ridden with anyone, and it felt kind of wierd saying.... hey, you mind if we stop so i can take some pictures??
so i didn't!! lol
it was all good, and plenty of leaf crunching to be had!!! ;)

The guys who've been building trail up here have really added the miles!!
Tight and technical, with big ass rocks to keep a guy on his toes!!
some nice additions of, what can i call them....... re-routes?? for a lack of a better term right now.
not so much downs followed by pushing up......nice touch, it really added to the ride!!!
One thing i do know, i need to pedal out here more!!!
Nice job guys!!!

Thank you Cindi!!
Love ya!!!

 The reason for the rope?? about a 20-30' drop!!! ouch!!


Friday, September 16, 2011

FatPipe, Trumps FatBike, and Family, For Now??!!

Not that anyone cares, LOL
but this is what's been keeping me off the Pugs, and away from the family for 12 hours each day.
50' long x 24" diameter; with 1.75" of lining in them ; which brings the diameter to 19 1/4" headed for the oil sands of Canada.

I'm the last one in the building to touch these "FatPipe", and they need to look pretty, and be cleaned up, and capped...... and rolled out the door.
Every one you see in the pictures I've touched, with about 100 some odd more to go!! 
I guess working 12's isn't so bad, ya kinda get used to it after awhile.

I'd be foolish not to say to my better 1/2 Cindi..... I LOVE YOU DEAR, and you are the best!!! 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Working 12 Hours a Day.........

Doesn't leave time for much play....
For the time being....

There is no rest for the wicked, so come along and follow me!!!!
This'll have to do!!

Nice job Ben!!!
Pedal on!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cuyuna Type Trails, Coming to the Iron Range??!!!!

I have a friend and fellow biker thats on the park board for the City of Hibbing, and he said to start getting ready for big news!!!
My 1st reaction when hearing this news was, about damn time!!!

The planning is in it's very early stages, but all the right people's are involved. IMBA, The City of Hibbing, a couple members of COGGS along with others.
80-100 acres are 1st on the list, with another 200-300 being looked at.

I realize it'll take 7-10 years for any dirt to be moved, but I can't wait to get my hands dirty, and the back to be sore from working on trails!!!

There's talk of taking the cities parks director, mayor and others down to Cuyuna to check out what's been done...... Ha Ha I might have to join them!!

I will post more as I hear it, and get more involved with helping this process move forward.