Friday, September 30, 2011

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day 10/1.......Really?

Funny, I have a couple hundred "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day/s" under my belt already this year!! My kids should consider themselves lucky!! Ha ha

I dislike IMBA for many reasons, and I guess I should devote a blog post to those reason here soon.
Before you post "but they do so much for mountain biking," I couldn't agree more!!
I guess you would have had to be on the phone that day in late 1992, early 1993, and heard what a rep told me about mountain biking in the great state of Minnesota!!!

My IMBA how times change, HEY!!!??!!!

Anyway, Zack and I will be heading over to Grand Rapids in the a.m. To hit up the Legion Trail system there.. YEAH, just another day of biking for me and Z!! Yawn, ho hum!!! NOT!!!!

Everyday you take a child out for a pedal is a great...... Wait...... a GREAT GREAT DAY!!!!

I wish my father would have had taken me, but that's not what he was about; and that's cool!! he was still a great father!!


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  1. awesome, I used to ride all over with my boys, now they are all growed up, and those were the bestest of times back then...