Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Almost Fell Over

My day began at 4:00 a.m. ish.
Pedal to work, my camelbak heavy with the $5 bill Cindi ;) had graciously left on the dinning room table for me.
Next to my Pugsley, my one other vice is chewing tobacco, Grizzly winter green, thank you very much. Yes yes, I know, I know!!!!! ;)

So 10:50 rolls around, and I tell myself, ah... you can make it till 5 p.m.
Ha Ha NOT!!

Anyway, the store is down the street and across the highway from work. Hop on the Pug and off I went at 10:56ish. Lol
Ok, red light, doing a trackstand, and just minding my own beeswax, and I see this fine older gentlemen waiting at said red light; I smile at him and from no where he just hauls off and flips me the bird!!! Full on one finger salute!!!! I take a quick look behind me, then I point to myself, and he does it again!!! That's where I almost fell over. LOL

Green light..... GO!!
Low and behold, he pulls right into the gas station, what are odds?? I pedal right up to his window, I see him tense up, he rolls his window down and is about to apologize.
Wait wait wait I tell him.......... then I quickly whipped out the double finger salute, and say have a NICE DAY!!!! he looked like a kid on x-mas!!!
Smile from ear to ear; and said...... you just made my day!!!
I said, I kind of thought it would. :) :)
I went into the store and got what I needed, and made my way back to work.
Smiling all the way!!!


Sunday, November 20, 2011


Winter has to be my favorite time of the year to pedal.
It hit me on my way home from work the other night.

With a fresh 2" of snow on the ground, more falling gently to the ground, my trusty headlamp guiding the way.
I slowly went about my way.

I heard nothing, not even the tires crunching the snow, just silence.
I silently pedaled along, every now and then I'd make a figure 8 in the middle of the road, just to check out my "Fat" tracks. ;)

There's a person who's riding a skinny tired bike from somewhere, so I'd pedal right next to the track, to show them there's a better way to get around during the "dark times".
Every time I saw where this persons front wheel washed out, I'd pedal a circle around it, and then be on my way. ;)
Maybe I'll run into this person sometime this winter.

I made my way to the little lake that's by our house, (to check the ice), but still I heard nothing!!

Thinking about heading out for a pedal turkey day morning, of course with the Mrs. blessing!! Ha Ha


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fat Bike Etiquette

Just a timely friendly reminder.
1" of snow on the ground, with 2 to 3 more due by morning!!
Yeah!! :))

Via xxcmag
Via Dave Byers


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Because it was Time!!

On my way home......
Let's see where this takes me!!??
This has to be a good sized buck roaming around town.

Off to check on the ice; Yeah ice!!! Lol
Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, but I was coming home from work.

This mobile blogging blows!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Team SnowBike Enduro

Not much riding going on for me, (back and forth to), work work work, if that counts!!??!!

Just getting the word out about this cool event!! This is race #2. Info here.

Race #1 (Mustache Beach Race) info here.