Sunday, November 20, 2011


Winter has to be my favorite time of the year to pedal.
It hit me on my way home from work the other night.

With a fresh 2" of snow on the ground, more falling gently to the ground, my trusty headlamp guiding the way.
I slowly went about my way.

I heard nothing, not even the tires crunching the snow, just silence.
I silently pedaled along, every now and then I'd make a figure 8 in the middle of the road, just to check out my "Fat" tracks. ;)

There's a person who's riding a skinny tired bike from somewhere, so I'd pedal right next to the track, to show them there's a better way to get around during the "dark times".
Every time I saw where this persons front wheel washed out, I'd pedal a circle around it, and then be on my way. ;)
Maybe I'll run into this person sometime this winter.

I made my way to the little lake that's by our house, (to check the ice), but still I heard nothing!!

Thinking about heading out for a pedal turkey day morning, of course with the Mrs. blessing!! Ha Ha


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  1. I haven't mounted up the studs and the snow bike has been on hold...hopefully not too much longer. I haven't been out this past week, but this morning had doing some serious thinking about it. We had 11.5" of white powder as of last night, but today has it settling good.