Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Funk

It took longer than I thought, but it did happen.
I guess I should be happy with that fact; that it took over 5 years to get into a funk. Maybe I will be, but not right now!

After missing out on the FatBike 40, and a couple FatBike gatherings........ Life with a young family gets complicated after all!!

Not anyone's fault, just the way it goes!
I love my family!!

I'm in a funk with my riding..........
I've hit a wall so to speak with the cold weather.

I find myself searching the Internet for rides/races that are in the warmness!!

I find myself mindlessly getting dressed in the a.m. Not much caring what the temps are outside.
If I'm cold, i pedal harder; to warm, ah I don't really care..... It is what it is.

If I do find the time, however elusive it is to ride, I ride, or I'll sit inside knowing full well I'll kick myself for not "going for a pedal." I just don't much care one way or the other at this particular time!

This to shall pass, just as the weather will change to warmth.

I really just want to put shorts on, throw a leg over the Pugs and pedal, no putting on layers, no warm boots, no will my water freeze, no this no that......
Just pedal!!

I'm not making any plans to ride/race this year, well..... maybe I'm kidding myself with that statement?

I've never been a racer, more of a "how much can I hurt myself and survive kind of rider."
The more it hurts, the more I suffer, in a sick kind of way, I like it!!??

Right now I'm thinking of a couple 100 milers on the Pugsely.
Not looking for "woo dude, you're riding that today??"
Or "are you crazy?"
Or my favorite, "dude are you sure you're in the right race??"
I usually am polite, and give a smile and say yes, yes I think I am. In my head I say..... Leave me the hell alone, can't you see I want to put myself through the ringer and see how I come out the other side??

If someone were to say those comments to me right here and now?? I'm pretty sure I'd let loose with....... Ah ah ah...... It hasn't happened yet!! ;)

Anyway, by that time, I'm sure my attitude will have changed!!

Either way, I still get up every morning and throw a leg over the trusty steed and pedal; because after all..... Pedaling makes everything better, sometimes it just takes more pedal turns to make that statement come true!!!
Pedal On!!