Monday, April 5, 2010

Today was a Good Day!!!

Up at 4 a.m.,
got to work at 4:55,
worked til 3:00,
punched out at 3:15.
hit up the dirt at 3:25.
pulled into the driveway at 5:30.

just short of 20 miles and i felt pleasantly at peace!!!
man i needed that ride today!!!

boy, i just gotta say, the Pugs has really brought back the joy of biking to me in a BIG, BIG, BIG way!!!
yeah it's made for the sand and snow......... but i gotta tell ya this thing is just one super sweet ride!!!

i did a little geocaching on my regular biking route, and the Pugs is one sweet machine in the woods without any true trails to be had!!! this thing goes where no other bike has gone for me.
a guy on the MORC website told me I'd love this thing in the fall, just for this reason, you can go through the woods, without a trail, but damn this spring has really been an eye opener on my new "fun machine!!!"
Here Here Dave!!!

it's a far cry from my full squishy Trek 90D, but isn't that the point?? i don't know if I'll even touch the poor Trek at all this summer!!?? she needs a rest anyway, hey???!!! LOL

i can really tell I've pedaled all winter long, damn if i say, I'm in some kick ass shape already!!!
i can't wait to hit up the local cycling club here in a week or two. some chins are gonna be on the ground when i pedal up with the "Fun Machine", and my big shit-eatting grin on my face!!!
OK boys and girls, I'm ready to about you???!!!
when i first showed up to ride with them in 2003, i got some shit for not riding a road bike, but after two weeks of me hanging with the lead group, my mountain bike with it's fat tires (ha ha) were accepted!!
I'm already chuckling to myself when they get a load of the Pugs!!!
sorry no pictures, but i'll be damn if i was stopping at home before i started my ride today!!! LOL