Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Best Movement Ever

Well, maybe the 2nd best (depending on time of day?), movement??!!
Ha Ha Ha
Thanks DC!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What's Wrong With People??

Lately I've been driving Cindi's vehicle way way WAY to much!!!
I've been laid off for almost a month.
My days consist of dropping off the kids at their respective schools in the morning, and picking them up in the afternoon. Doing things around the house, (which is not my strong suit). Bringing Jenna to dance class, doing this and doing that. 
Way to much time behind the wheel, but it takes a little bit of weight off Moms shoulders, which is not a bad thing, so I'll stop whining!! Lol

A couple things I've noticed WAY more than I've ever seen from my bycicle seat....... Is how many people are using their cell phones while they are driving!! That damn phone stuck to their ear while they should be concentrating on the task at hand, driving!!! 
Or the scariest..... When people look like they're sleeping at the wheel looking at their phone (in their lap), while driving, being texting or checking their email or the latest website!!! 
Is this necessary?? 
Is it something that really can't wait??!! 
COME ON!! What a joke!! 

Another thing I've noticed involves dropping the kids off at school in the morning. Not so much Jenna's school, but more while dropping Zack off at his middle school. 
TO ALL THE PARENTS THAT DROP THEIR KIDS OFF..... If from 7:30 to 7:55, this is to early for you to not have your heads buried fully and completely up you ass, maybe your child should take the bus!!!!!! 
I place the blame firmly on the parents, but also I blame the leadership of #ISD701 on their piss poor plan of parent drop off and pick up!! 
Come on #ISD701 you are not being responsible in your policy of parent pick up and drop offs!! You supposedly have our children's best interest at the forefront of your thinking!!! 
My advice? 
Take your morning coffee, and go sit at the Lincoln middle school, and see how much of a cluster it is from 7:30-7:55!! 
I know, I know..... That'd be doing your job, and being proactive, but then again.... That's never been the strong suit of our current superintendant or his minions!! IDIOTS!!

Ok, I'm done!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

FatBiking Carey Lake

12 degrees when I started, 17 when I pulled the plug at around 6 1/2 miles. Pedaled back to the vehicle and meet up with my crew on the lake!! Lol 

Range Fairveiw had a little party on the lake today, Mom didn't move from her spot by the fire!! Lol

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Fatbike Access in The Northland

For starters.............
Thank you to the city of Hibbing park board and it's members!!
Also a big THANKS to Pete H. and Kraig S. for listening and having an open mind; which in this day and age is very refreshing!!

It should be noted this is an extension of the "testing" phase of fatbikes on the xc ski trails.
Only tires 3.8's and wider are allowed on the "SKATE SKI" and "COMBINATION" trails ONLY.
Please follow IMBA's best practices rules for fatbikes on xc ski trails!!!
Daily trail fees are $3, so pony up and drop your cash into the payment box!!
The city also has yearly individual and family passes.

Monday found the 3 of us meeting out at the Carey Lake xc ski trails for a little bit of pedaling around.
More info.
I did very little pedaling (and that was fine by me).......... Pete was on my bike, and Kraig was on Z's bike. While it was a bit small for him, Kraig did get the feel of riding the big boy tires.
Temps were at or near zero, and it could not have been more perfect!!
If you're ever in the area and wanna pedal, just give me a shout out. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come for fatbikes in the Hibbing area!!
Enough words........... here's some pictures!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Successful Hook Up

The FatBike misconception SQUASHED!!
A BIG THANK YOU to Pete H. and Kraig S. 
More info to follow!! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

All Smiles!!

Somebody got a chance to see her new frame last night. 
I can't wait to see that smile as she pedals away on a completely built shining new FatBike!! 
Good for you J!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Not so Fat Chance

I attended our local park board meeting on Jan. 27th.
Pertaining to getting the cities blessing on allowing FatBiking on the local XC ski trails.
It was very well received by the board members!!
A local reporter was also in attendance from our local newspaper, and FatBikes made the paper here in little old Hibbing, Mn.
Pete H. and Kraig S. and I still have yet nailed down a date for the live demonstration.
This should be happening very soon.
After the live demonstration, I'll post some info on what was decided upon.
Pedal On....... SNOW!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 AH135

My post about our buddy Rick's 1st attempt at the AH135 all of a sudden disappeared. 
So here's a few photo to celebrate his finish!! 
Temps at the start were -20 or colder. 
People who were looking for life and death, had exactly what they wanted. 
Ha Ha 
The beginning.....

The middle.........

And the end......
Way to go Rick!!! 
47 hours and change...... Awesome!!