Thursday, February 20, 2014

What's Wrong With People??

Lately I've been driving Cindi's vehicle way way WAY to much!!!
I've been laid off for almost a month.
My days consist of dropping off the kids at their respective schools in the morning, and picking them up in the afternoon. Doing things around the house, (which is not my strong suit). Bringing Jenna to dance class, doing this and doing that. 
Way to much time behind the wheel, but it takes a little bit of weight off Moms shoulders, which is not a bad thing, so I'll stop whining!! Lol

A couple things I've noticed WAY more than I've ever seen from my bycicle seat....... Is how many people are using their cell phones while they are driving!! That damn phone stuck to their ear while they should be concentrating on the task at hand, driving!!! 
Or the scariest..... When people look like they're sleeping at the wheel looking at their phone (in their lap), while driving, being texting or checking their email or the latest website!!! 
Is this necessary?? 
Is it something that really can't wait??!! 
COME ON!! What a joke!! 

Another thing I've noticed involves dropping the kids off at school in the morning. Not so much Jenna's school, but more while dropping Zack off at his middle school. 
TO ALL THE PARENTS THAT DROP THEIR KIDS OFF..... If from 7:30 to 7:55, this is to early for you to not have your heads buried fully and completely up you ass, maybe your child should take the bus!!!!!! 
I place the blame firmly on the parents, but also I blame the leadership of #ISD701 on their piss poor plan of parent drop off and pick up!! 
Come on #ISD701 you are not being responsible in your policy of parent pick up and drop offs!! You supposedly have our children's best interest at the forefront of your thinking!!! 
My advice? 
Take your morning coffee, and go sit at the Lincoln middle school, and see how much of a cluster it is from 7:30-7:55!! 
I know, I know..... That'd be doing your job, and being proactive, but then again.... That's never been the strong suit of our current superintendant or his minions!! IDIOTS!!

Ok, I'm done!!

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  1. That's one of the biggest reasons I don't road ride much anymore. You think you see a lot of it there. You should see what it's like down here. Although probably the same percentage wise, but just a lot more of them. My goal this summer is to get to learn the trail system so I don't have to ride the roads. Too damn dangerous and not worth it in my eyes.