Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 AH135

My post about our buddy Rick's 1st attempt at the AH135 all of a sudden disappeared. 
So here's a few photo to celebrate his finish!! 
Temps at the start were -20 or colder. 
People who were looking for life and death, had exactly what they wanted. 
Ha Ha 
The beginning.....

The middle.........

And the end......
Way to go Rick!!! 
47 hours and change...... Awesome!!


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  2. Thanks for your posts and information, fun stuff to read. I am curious as to what your friend thinks of the Must Stache pogies? I am thinking about a pair myself.

  3. Cody~
    In the warmest cold we have here in northern Mn. There hasn't been better money spent!! No amount of money can be spent on warm digits!! Stop thinking and get yourself a set!! ;)

  4. Did he get the normal or warmer expedition pogies?

  5. I believe he had someone make them for him.
    I use the Dogwood plus version.
    I've good things about the 45NRTH Cobrafit's also.
    Eric from Revelate Designs has a couple sweet looking pairs he makes now. His link is to the bottom right.