Saturday, November 30, 2013

FatBiking Minnesota's Iron Range

9 a.m. 
We started with 8...... We had 10 after a bit. 3 guys had to bail. We were 7 strong for the remander of the ride. 
A near perfect day.... Highs in the mid to upper 20's and not a lot of wind. Perfect snow conditions...... Ice on local lakes was thick enough, with the perfect amount of snow on top. 
Well, Nick found out how much he could fish tail his FatBike!!!! Lol 
Just playing with ya pal!! 
A nice mix of young and old, and plenty of BS's and joking was had!! Ha Ha 
These are just the shots I took before my phone froze. 
I'll post more as I get them!! 
Thanks to all that showed, and those that didn't...... There will be another; I don't exactly know when, but it'll happen. 
Very little words, because the pictures speak for themselves!! 

These photo's are credited to Marty Mathis AKA: Pugzilla

These photo's are credited to one Mr. Nick Mathis. Thanks Nick!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2014 Midwest Fat Bike Access and Grooming Workshop in Cable, WI

2014 Midwest Fat Bike Access and Grooming Workshop in Cable, WI

COGGS 2nd Annual FatBike Weekend

Will be putting on another winter weekend of FatBiking......... January 2014!!
FatBike tomfoolery is sure to happen!
Info here

Why FatBikes Could Be For You!

A nice article (obviously about the big boy tire bikes), from People for Bikes.
FatBikes, whatever flavor at not a fad........ at least NOT in this household!!
Pedal what ya got......... There will be haters..... But at least you, if you pedal a FatBike...... Will have a bigger smile........ And know what it means to truly be free to pedal anywhere your legs can take you!!
Pedal On.... FatBikes!!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Maple Hill...... on Minnesota's Iron Range

John K. Is a fellow member of our newly formed Iron Range Off-Road Cyclist MTB club.
Earlier this summer he made a video of our local single-track here in town. Thanks John!!
So here it is,  tight and twisty, don't stop paying attention,  or this trail will reach up and bite you!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Same Old; and I'm Perfectly Happy With It

I've gone through my posts since starting this blog and it seems like my "dark-time" riding has always begun with this frozen creek; and then it's only a week or two at most till I'm pedaling across a frozen lake!! 
Same old same old!! 
Funny thing is........ It hasn't gotten old!! 
I think it has something to do with the bike??!! 
Ha Ha 

Happy FAT TIRE Friday!!

One spanking new set of Husker Du 120tpi ultra light FatBike tires!! 

Happy Friday indeed!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Iron Range Off Road Cyclists

IROC is alive on FB!!!
A big step for mountain bike on Minnesota's Iron Range!!
Give it a like if you would please!!
Pedal On!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FatBikes Gaining Acceptance in The Northland

It's happening mostly in the big ski resorts of the west.
Grand Targhee comes to mind first.
Well, now the northland's got it's first ski resort allowing FatBiking on their Nordic XC ski trails; and this place is Giants Ridge
Awesome news!! 
Along with allowing FatBikes, come March 2014 they'll also be putting on a FatBike only race!! I'll try and dig up more info on this race as it becomes available.
A big thanks to Jon Filander, activities and events director at Giants Ridge. 
As with anything, us FatBikers are the new kids on the trails..... So please act accordingly!! 
Let's show the temperamental XC ski crowd WE ARE NOT LIKE what they think we are like!! 
Kill them with kindness!!
Update... As of 11/20/2013
Well, you can another local Nordic ski area welcoming FatBikes!!! 
Mt. Itasca........
This from their newsletter this morning............

Fat, fat tire biking on ski trails-Griffin Myslivecek from GRIMBA (local mountain biking club) explained  about an up and coming sport of riding bikes with super wide and low pressure tires to ride on packed ski trails.  This is being accepted in other areas around the country.  The tires don’t leave much of a mark; but if the rider dismounts, there might be foot marks or maybe something the size of a snow angel if the dismount was not so graceful.  Board Member Al Dettmer, who does a ton of volunteer grooming at Mt. Itasca, thought those trails might be a good place to start since they are so hard packed. Bikers would pay trail fees and stay away from the classic tracks.


also should note, a XC ski trail is not my preferred place to ride my FatBike! 

Give me a snowshoe stomped trail meandering through the woods and I'm one happy guy during our "dark-time!!" 
Pedal On!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Scouting Ride....

Steve G. and I rode 23 miles of Iron Range goodness this morning!! 
30 plus miles is a no brainier!! 
A couple shots at the bottom of a mine pit in northern Mn.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter 2013-14 Has Started

If you have to ask, you're on the wrong blog!!! ;)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"2nd Annual Naughty Ride"

Our brothers and sisters to our west..
GRIMBA are having their 2nd running of the "NAUGHTY RIDE"
When..... Nov. 10th
Where.... The Legion Trail System in Grand Rapids DUH!!
Trailhead is mere yards from the Grand Rapids High School, and or the Reif Center.
Time...... 1:00 p.m.
Who....... Got a bike; then bring it!! It sounds like it'll be a hoot!! The trail has a sweet buttery flow; and I guarantee you'll love "the plantation!!"
Eats and drinks afterwards will be @ 
The Mexican Restaurant.  

Me, Jenna and Zack this past August at the trailhead!! 

Pedal On!!

2013 FatBike Expo

Enough FatBike for ya??

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Late Fall Red Dirt

1st time in awhile I was out in day light. 
I'm usually up early, strap the headlight on and go. Work, then home or school, or wherever I'm needed. 
Today the kids were at Nana and Papa's, Mom at school. I went and voted in the local school levy referendum and then Mom said come have some pizza at J's grade school; I'm not one to pass on pizza!! Lol
Thanks Mom!! ;)
Then I hit the red dirt!!
11 miles later, it's me and the dog..... Waiting for everybody  to return home.