Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy FAT TIRE Friday!!

One spanking new set of Husker Du 120tpi ultra light FatBike tires!! 

Happy Friday indeed!!


  1. I really believe that Husker Du tires ought to come standard on every Fat Bike!

  2. David,
    It'll have to be a pretty special FatBike tire for me to ditch the Husker Du!!

  3. BroJo, congratulations. Those are fine looking tires. Have you every thought about studded?

  4. Marty~
    Since going strictly "FatBike" there's only been one time I thought I could've used a set of studded tires. That's from '08/'09 till now.
    With that said, if I lived anywhere south of Hinckley, I'd own a set of studded tires. These studded tires would be mounted to another set of FatBike rims!! Nothing worse than having to switch tires out; when they could already be on a set of wheels, already to just go!!
    Kind of thinking of making it as easy as possible.
    It's just that we don't get the rain freeze cycle like you guys can get down in the metro.
    Last winter is a very good example of studded tires being a must if one wants to ride, and ride relative safely.
    When I was single I studded up my 26" 2.1's of my regular MTB. It was time consuming, (but I was single!! Lol) but I made up a whaler set of mean old tires!!
    Since the inception of the Cuyuna winter whiteout and their ice race, I've been throwing around the idea of studding up one of the 4 or 5 sets of old FatBike tires I have hanging in the garage.
    There is that thing called time, that seems to make me studding up a set of my own FatBike tires not becoming a reality!! Lol

    Now I hear you asking, what about riding on lake ice/creeks and what not?
    What I've found over the years.... Is the ice is so imperfect/pitted/rough that low psi and no sharp turns make it very easy to pedal over. Just don't getting cocky and think you can pedal on anything like an outdoor skating rink without studded tires!! Lol
    That's about the only ice I'll stay away from!! I made that mistake ONCE!! Ha Ha
    Once there is 1/4" of snow or more the ice of lakes/creeks are like hidden gems, and super fun to ride on!!
    I know a few guys who ride lake Harriet and all the others in Mpls. By using the creeks as connectors/mini highways!!

    Anyway, as usual I probably went over board, but you asked!! ;)