Saturday, November 30, 2013

FatBiking Minnesota's Iron Range

9 a.m. 
We started with 8...... We had 10 after a bit. 3 guys had to bail. We were 7 strong for the remander of the ride. 
A near perfect day.... Highs in the mid to upper 20's and not a lot of wind. Perfect snow conditions...... Ice on local lakes was thick enough, with the perfect amount of snow on top. 
Well, Nick found out how much he could fish tail his FatBike!!!! Lol 
Just playing with ya pal!! 
A nice mix of young and old, and plenty of BS's and joking was had!! Ha Ha 
These are just the shots I took before my phone froze. 
I'll post more as I get them!! 
Thanks to all that showed, and those that didn't...... There will be another; I don't exactly know when, but it'll happen. 
Very little words, because the pictures speak for themselves!! 

These photo's are credited to Marty Mathis AKA: Pugzilla

These photo's are credited to one Mr. Nick Mathis. Thanks Nick!!


  1. More fun then is humanly possible. Great Times my friend. My favorite picture is where I'm barking something in your ear (I'm sure it was serious, Ha.).