Thursday, November 13, 2014


Is starting to piss me off!!!!
My pictures are there one day, and gone the next.
I'm do
ing everything the instructions tell me to do to rectify the no picture thing, to no avail. 
It's starting to get frustrating and has me thinking my blogging days may be near an end!!
It also......... just may be time to go over to wordpress and see what they're like. 

Hey BLOGGER you reading this?????? ;)


  1. Man I totally agree....Blogger is pissing me off too. Not sure why but all my pics now open in a new page...I didn't like that. Also check to see if old photos have disappeared like mine have
    I'm looking for other options as right now.... Don't stop blogging please....just find a new site

  2. Blogging has been on the line for me for a long time, but I know I have three readers who do not FB or do any of the other social media stuff. If I do not blog a while, they call and check on me. I know they enjoy it and are good friends so I keep blogging along. I hope you can work out the issues you have with blogger.