Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Carey Lake XC Ski Trails

Please Stay OFF The Trails Until Further Notice!!!!!

I'm meeting soon with the Hibbing parks and recreation heads about fatbike access for 2014/15.
It seems some skiers were upset at the end of last year with a biker/s tire tread on the trails.
They took pictures and what not, so PLEASE STAY OFF until you've heard from me!!!!
That's all I know right now, until I meet with Pete H. and Kraig S.

This is something I've already thought through after I got the go ahead for fatbikes on the city trails, and doesn't surprise me at all, that at the end of a long winter this would happen.
So, again I ask for your respect and patience. 

Let's try a photo!!!!! Lol


  1. Nice photo! I'be never been able to get a tire track shot to turn out.

  2. And then it's gone!!!!!!!!
    WTF blogger!!
    Thanks Darin!