Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can't We All Just Get Along!!!

Heavy dose of piss whining about to begin!! :)

I don't know why this bothers me?
Every year, (so, i should be used to it, right??), after there's enough snow, some round headed ass munch decides to run his/her sled or wheeler on the winter trail I pack with the snowshoes.
That's why I stick to the heavily wooded area of this certain area.
Well, this year, said ass munch slowly and with much effort went in between the trees and such, even to a point of getting their wheeler stuck between two trees!!! Lol wish I was there to see that one!!
Oh well, you can't fix stupid, and I guess they feel I'm infringing on their area......
Ha Ha NOT!!!
Also, I guess you can't fix ignorance!! It doesn't take much planning to hop on a sled and or wheeler and go bombing around, and then totally mess up someone's hard work!!
Ok, done!! ;)
I think making trail through the thick underbrush of the swamp will be in order next winter!!
Some scouting will occur as soon as this weekend!!
Pedal On!!!


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