Friday, March 4, 2011

To The Stupid BITCH In The Green Bonneville.....


Maybe you should concentrate on driving in the a.m. instead of sucking on your cancer stick, drinking your coffee and talking on your phone!!!!
No wonder you cut that corner and put me up the snow-bank!!! I understand you had so much shit going on, who cares that you were behind the wheel of your 3800# missile!!! You sure woke the fuck up when I yelled at you!! I also hope you dropped your phone on the floor and promptly spilled your cup of coffee all over it!!!! Oh yeah, and burned the shit out of youself with your cig!!!
I mean come ON!!!
Oh yeah, i know, you didn't see me??!! Ha, my bike is lighted up like our x-mas tree, so i know that wasn't it!!
I was on my side of the road, stay the FUCK on yours!!!

Ok, ok, I feel much better now!! I was waiting for that since 6:30 a.m.
I hope you all have a great weekend!!
Except you..........BITCH!!! ;))



  1. I have a long work commute each day and I cannot begin to tell you the shit I see on the road. Reading a book, texting, smoking and trying to drive...all at the same time is just one example. Glad you were on the ball!