Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Like A Knife Through Butter"

On my way home from work yesterday I went through my usual .10 of a mile snomo/foot path/sidewalk during the non dark months. I went up the 4' snow-bank, I love the Endo on backwards!! Ahead of me I saw 3 teenagers pushing their bikes, after I saw where they wiped out, I laughed!!
I wish I had my camera as I pedaled by, all 3 of them had their chins firmly planted in the snow.
After I got through the path, I waited for them, and they said our bikes cut through the snow like a knife through butter!!! We talked about my bike and it's huge tires.
I even let the older one take my bike for a spin back through the path. The look on his face was priceless, as he pedaled through where he had fallen previously with his skinny tires!! ;)
He couldn't thank me enough!! (I'm sure his parents weren't very happy, as he explained the "Fat" tired bike over dinner, and said he'd like one!!) :) Lol
"Thanks mister, thanks a lot!!"


  1. They say some young minds are easy molded and I think you were a sculptor yesterday. It most likely will be something he will not forget anytime soon. Nice ! ! !

  2. spreading the `fat love`... nice one Joe!

  3. doncha just love the 'fatness'

    I put my Larry on backwards in the front when there are a lot of snow ruts. I believe it helps from pulling you into the rut and kicking you out sideways.