Tuesday, March 8, 2011

15 Years Ago........ Today; and Maybe a Bike

My partner/soulmate/Mom/friend, had a massive stroke. Even though she still bares the aftermath of that fateful day; through dogged determination, and pure stubbornness she is still around, and doing very well!! ;)
She has limited use of the left side of her body, but she does more during the course of a day than most people with two properly working limbs!! Even though we don't see eye to eye on occasion, I still love you with all that I am, and here's hoping you make it another 15 years plus!!!

Now we just need to get you on a bike!!! :))
You see, she's embarrassed to try and ride a bike. Although I can see on her face when the kids and I go for pedals, she desperatly wants to go!!
I would never think of putting her on two wheels, her balance is not the best, and two wheels would not be good.
I've been talking with Calvin at my LBS and we are talking trikes. I was surprised at the variety of trikes out there today; so hopefully by midsummer Cindi will be able to join the kids and I for a nice pedal around town, and on the local paved trails!!

I love you Cindi!!!!!



  1. That is such a sweet post.
    A Trike would rock. Go Cindi, go.
    Oh and thanks for the inspiration Cindi.

  2. Thats a real nice post Joe...
    knowing Cindi follows me on facebook on my micro cycling adventures im sure she would love you taking her out on a trike!
    you have a heart of gold my friend...-:)

  3. Very nice post indeed. It would be great to see Cindi out on a bike :)