Monday, December 10, 2012

Pay Freaking Attention!!!

Punch out from work at 3:15.
Hit the winter singletrack at 3:20.
Do a couple loops to properly mark for my buddy Rick and his son, with a Necromancer and Moonlander respectfully!

Oh yeah, now Rick went and bought himself a Moonlander!! Ha, take that he said!! Not really, but he might as well have!! Lol
Just joking Rick!!

Ok, time to hit the creek and then the lake for home.
Creek frozen solid.
Creek entering the lake, ah not so much!!
As I found out by taking a quick dip up to mid thigh on both legs!!!
I yelled as I quickly made it to the completely frozen lake and then home.

11 above and minus something windchill I was surprisingly not wet nor cold!!
My Craft Storm tights/pants and my Rocky 1,000 gram thinsulate boots really kick ass!! Lol
What's that they say about poor choices in clothing???

I didn't feel bottom, but the fatness of the front tire helped me huge getting myself back up and out of the not so warm water below!!
20 minutes later, my now smelling like swamp shit nastiness boots were off, socks were bone dry.... NICE!!
My now unthawing and really smelling like nasty ass swamp shit something or other are pants are in the laundry tub downstairs!!

Anyway, here's hoping to do it all over again tomorrow!! Well, minus my stupidity of not paying attention and going for a brief dip!! :)
Oh yeah, no front break till it gets above freezing or I actually take the time to thaw it out!!! LMFAO
Crappy cell pictures below!


  1. LOVE the Craft Storm pants. I wear them all winter, it seems.

  2. I have fell through the ice, though not bicycling. hehe Bicycling, breaking through the ice, you have to have a chuckle over that one. Rick and his son are very lucky to have a friend in you to blaze trail for them.

    Thanks for posting!