Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Thoughts on Some of my New Bits

These are my thoughts and my thoughts alone; if you disagree with them, to bad, there mine!!

1st, what I've had since March or so.

45NRTH's new ultra light Husker Du's.
I think I've found my Fat tire forever more!!!
Yeah, you can see where this is going!!
Ha Ha
I'm nearing 3,500 miles on this set, and they are just starting to show some wear, damn straight in my book!!
I've ridden them on everything...... gravel, pavement, singletrack and now snow.
I'm not very gentle on my things. I've ridden over glass (not on purpose mind you), sharp sticks, sharp red rock of the Iron Range of northern Minnesota; you name I've probably rode over it at one time or another over the past months!! These tires can take a beating.
They shed mud like a champ; and now they've shed snow in the same manner.
Awesome IMHO, and well worth the steep price for a set.
To be honest, I had my doubts about them in snow. Over the past month these things have had me smiling on more than one occasion.
There are no more of the dreaded Larry front tire washout/oh shit not a again moments.
They grip and bite and crawl through anything I've tried.
A good four wheeler trail was the true test today after work.
I'd steer from rut to rut, (with around 4 to 5" of snow), as I've done in the past with Larry, and this tire just found some grip and climbed from one rut to the other and back again. Gone is the Larry losing grip and the front end shitting out on me.
i could not be happier in that fact!
The rear Du just has grip for days on anything, steep ups, steep down, off chamber snow filled ruts going up hill..... stand and slowly pedal and up ya go!!!
I've been running anywhere from 4-10 psi depending on snow conditions.
The more I can stay upright the better things are!!
Smile smile smile
Ha Ha Ha

On to the most recent purchase,
The 45NRTH HEIRUSPECS winter grip pedals.........................
Big, wide, and full of awesomely grippy pins.
I had thrown the idea of preordering 45NRTH's new Wolvhammer winter boots around; and quickly set that idea on the back burner in favor of getting a set of Rolling D's built up by Mike C. of
www.lacemine29.com himself.
I think I made the right call, and these pedals only hammered that fact home.
These things are so noticeably lighter than my Times ATAC Z's.
I swapped pedals at work and did a lot of hand holding of each pedal, one 45NRTH in one hand and a Time in the other. Damn if you can't tell the difference that way and that way alone!!!
They don't have the small profile the Helva's have but they shed snow something fierce!
Over all another quality purchase!!! Thanks Cindi, Love ya!!! ;)

If you haven't been out "Fat biking it," may I ask........ WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!! :) :)
Right now in my part of the world it's about as perfect as it can get!!!
It should be a great great winter!!
Pedal On!!!


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  1. When I have some spare cash I'm going to buy new tyres for my Pug. I can't afford Huskers so it'll be Nates or the On One Floater for me.