Monday, December 3, 2012

New Bits; and a Beauty of a Fatback Build

I have the best better 1/2!!
I kind of think she was feeling guilty, but she's the best just the same!!!
Love ya Cindi!! ;)

Anyway, we were in the Twin Cities this past weekend to take in a Tragically Hip concert, and the GFBR which I missed...... That's another story!! I still love ya Cindi!! ;)~

Also Zack's new 9:zero:7 (picture below), was picked up and tucked away nicely in our basement.
When we picked the kids up Sunday night, Zack was like where's my bike guys?? I said they sold it, and they didn't know if they'd have another built in time for Xmas!! I love messing with the young ones!! Lol
He took the not so truthful news very well!! Very impressed bud!! I guess we're doing something right!!??!! Ha Ha

I got me a new pair of 45NRTH HEIRUSPECS "winter grip pedals!! (Picture below)
When we picked up Z's ride!!
I told ya she was feeling guilty!! Lol

Also, I'm super bummed I missed the ride to check out Chris E.'s super sweet Fatback build!! (Picture below)
Nicely done Sir!! I hope you and the wife to be enjoyed the Hip as much as we did!!!
Also, I was looking forward to swapping fat tire rubber with Deathrider, alas that time will come...... All good things come to those who wait??? Lol
Pedal On!!



  1. Excellent! The youngster will have something very few others his age are lucky enough to experience. My children are all grown now, but I sure wish I had involved them more in the sport. Good job!!

    Thanks for posting,

  2. What happened? I missed about half of the ride, so i guess it was meant to be. I'm also guessing Z doesn't read your blog, that's also a cruel trick to play on him, but he's gunna be stoked come Christmas. Later DR

  3. Funny, Amy seemed to catch that same bug at the Hip show, so she missed the ride as well. She says it was totally worth it, and I tend to agree. Oh well, it was a good time anyway!

  4. That's a nice looking 9:zero:7 -- congratulations!