Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Say You Need a Frame Bag for Your Fat Bike?

I know, I for one, have been longing for a frame bag for my Pugs.
I'm trying to gear up for a future try at the AH135
Having a young family and work full-time makes things touch and go; but I'm getting closer to being "geared up!!"
Now if you own a Mukluk you may purchase a custom bag through your LBS from Q You own a Pugsley? Look for the custom bag soon; with ones coming for the Fatback before winter really gets cranking!
You can read what Eric, of Revelate Designs says for yourself here.
Eric makes some bombproof stuff; and you'll be supporting the "little guy" so to speak.

I know some of you are out there saying "I can make my own frame bag, and anything else!!" good for you, cause I know I can't and love the fact I can walk into my LBS now and have them order more bike goodies for me!! Ha Ha


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  1. The Arrowhead 135 is on my (dream) wish list to experiance Joe, first to do is find a better paid job!, thats a harder option this now!
    My friends Andy and Jane from England are doing next years race!, they wont be going with the Landrover and trailer tent though! -:)