Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Perfect Fall Pedal

I got a good hard pedal in this afternoon after work.
no 5 year old riding pace.
no 8 year old riding pace.
don't get me wrong, i love riding with my children, but pushing myself sure felt great!!!
i even took a spill in a big old mud puddle, it was great fun!!! LOL

Thank you Cindi!!!

Here's some shots..............................

 i came in much much to hot for this section.
it was a quick touch and then a quicker back up!! lol

 it was very hard taking these pictures of myself!! lol
mud was where it shouldn't be, if you know what i mean!! Ha Ha
i guess i shouldn't have pushed so hard, hey?? yeah, what fun would that be??!!

All in all 15 miles in just under 90 minutes.............PERFECT!!!



  1. That's looking like some serious fun...although not the crashing part for this old guy:-) I am betting that was some cold mud.

    Not much out there beats nice fall weather.

  2. It just doen't get any funner then that, play, may we keep doing so....