Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let There Be Light!!!!

Cindi ordered my replacement battery from TurboCatUSA last Friday (payday ;), it arrived today!!

My old battery finally gave up the ghost last fall, and I've been in the dark too long!! ;)

Cindi will say I'm still in the dark!!!
I think that's a whole other posting topic!! ;)

Anyway, I really like my TG15 headlamp.
It really throws a nice bright beam to shine my way through the "dark times".
With the NiCad battery I get a good 6 plus hours of run time, and it performs well in the cold, which is the real bonus!
Now I know some think it's an old technology and not as bright as some other "newer" lighting systems, but I really would have to see some of the the "newer" systems; and it's what I have, and works very very well!!
So until I ride with others (ha, like that'll happen anytime soon!!), I'll just light my way through the "dark times" with my trusty TurboCatUSA TG 15!!
Now if I could just find my NightRider handlebar light!!!! It's been lost among our boxes since we moved into out new house, going on 3 years now!!! Lol



  1. If it works for you and you're happy with it...that is what matters. I am one that if I like and am happy with whatever it may be, I stay with it. My boys have been known to poke a little fun at me for that. That reminds me of a saying one of my friends used to say a lot. "Gooooooood enough"

  2. I've been really enjoying the night riding recently too. I've had a decent bar light for the last wee while but now there's a helmet light heading through the post to me! I also had a nice shot of our mutual friend Coastkid's Pugsley. There is a wee video of our ride on my blog if you want to check it out.

    keep it real