Sunday, October 16, 2011

Now This is More Like it.......

This is fall weather!!!
highs in the mid 40's...... winds gusting to 40 mph!!!
YEAH!! lol

i got in a couple hour ride on Sat.
thanks Nana and Papa!! ;)
Thanks Cindi!!!
the wind wasn't much of a problem, once i got among the old mine dumps!!
time to put away the nice bike shoes and break out the Rocky boots and warm clothes!!
snow is in the forecast for Tuesday!!! oh it won't be much, but I've been waiting!!!! i can't wait!!!

Here's some shots............................

Gotta say, i really like the trail less traveled!!

1 comment:

  1. Man I really want to get up there and ride that stuff. I want my bike to be covered in the red mud. Thanks for the pics, I will just imagine i'm there