Monday, August 29, 2011

Surly Does it Again, Or Do They??

It was a big week in FatBike land!!
Surly bikes laid the smack down on the FatBike world with their Moonlander, the Black Ops Pug (which I really dig), and a bunch of new rubber.
Two new sets of rims. The 100mm Clownshoes. And the 65mm light large marge. That just sounds funny to me, then again, it's Surly, so I suppose it's meant to be funny!!? The Mr. Whirly crank off-set double something or other.
Along with other offerings for the non FatBike crowd.
After having a 1/2 day Thursday and all day Friday off of work; ah having metal shavings in ones eyes does suck as bad as it sounds!!! I had time to read and look at pictures of all Surly's offerings. Be it with limited vision ;) but just the same; I only saw the Nate 3.8 as something that interested me.
I already have a Pugs; so the Blacks Ops is out of the question, the Moonlander doesn't interest me, I like my granny and other gears to much to slap on the Clownshoes, and in my application of my Pugs the Black Floyd's would be a waste of my hard earned cash and time. The light large marge, na I want the wider younger brother Rolling D's thank you. The BFL belong on the Moonlander.
That leaves me with only the Nates to long for.
Maybe I'm settling, or maybe I'm just itching to see my young ones on their Mukluks next to me on the dark time trails??? Either way, more choice for us FatBikers can be a good thing in the long run!!! Anyway, my heart is still set on a Ti FatBack!!!! Call me crazy, but so be it!! ;))



  1. Yeap, we be agreed on all that. My 70 mm rims and Larry/Endo combos are working just fine on my FatBack. My friend has the Ti FatBack and it is a creature of beauty. Happy rides to you.

  2. Ti Fatback is on my wish list too, if i ever can find a better (paid job),
    I love my pug, though still getting a Moonlander!, reason?, mass float for dune riding here on the coast and riding wet tidal mud flats covered in green slime,
    i will keep the purple pug out the sea and ride the beach and sandy trails, look after the girl,
    and the Moonlander?, take it where no bike has gone before (fat or thin) around here!,
    test it too destruction -;)

  3. Bruce,
    I totally understand the Moonlander for you and others with that varied terrain.
    I'd also never knock anyone for riding what they want!! It's not my style, and I always say, to each their own!! ;)
    For my riding, the ML just seems like over-kill.
    As you so nicely said in an MTBR post, theirs a reason the guys who ride the coast of Alaska ride Pugsleys!! ;)

    I know I for one, will be looking forward to seeing how and what you do with the Moonlander!!!! Personally I can't wait!!

    Peace, Joe

  4. With all those FatBikes, it's time for a 1up USA Snow Bike Rack.


  5. Lots of new stuff in the fat bike world for sure. I think The Ti Fatback should be on everyone's wish list.