Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Target Date: August 2012

Our two youngest will be joining the FatBike club!! Zack and Jenna will both be getting the Salsa Mukluk, size XS!! Yeah!! 
I wanted to keep it a Pugsley FatBike family, but  they would have to wait to fit the size 16 of the smallest Pug. 
So the Mukluk it will be!! 

We will be taking a road trip in Sept. to Milltown Cycles in southern Mn. to check out Zack for size right now. 
Ben's shop is turning into the FatBike hub of the state, and he really knows is shit; so to speak!! ;)
Jenna may have to wait a few months after purchase to ride hers, but big deal, right??!! Lol



  1. They look nice with the wee frame Joe!, thats great your getting the family into the fatbike scene!