Friday, August 12, 2011

To The Paved Trail I Will Go????

Tomorrow is the 7th annual Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Bike Tour.
This year it runs from the Mn. Discovery Center to Grand Rapids, Mn. With 3 different starting points. I'm starting at the Discovery Center.
Hmmm, the Pugs and the paved trail!!?? I know for a fact I'll have the biggest tires there!! Lol
I rode from our house in Hibbing to Chisholm earlier via the trail. 20 miles round trip, was a great leg stretcher in the pouring rain; for the 48 some miles I'll do tomorrow. The guy i did the registration with didn't know what to make of me!!! Lol
Actually i'll have 60 plus; since again in the a.m. I'll pedal over to Chisholm by 8 a.m. For coffee and and a bit to eat before I hopefully meet up with the guy who bought my road bike. Then I'll try to stay with him for the 1st 10 miles, and then go the rest of the way at my own pace!!
I fully expect to get bombarded with questions about the FatBike, and maybe I can plant the FatBike seed in a couple peoples minds!! If I'm successful with just one person that'll be awesome!! ;)
Cindi will be bringing the kids to Coleraine so they can join in on the fun for the last 7.2 mile push to the Grand Rapids fairgrounds for, good food, music, and the all important event t-shirt!!!



  1. Have fun!, and spread the `Fat love`

  2. Sounds like fun!!! I have rode that trail once, but plan to ride it again. It was very interesting for me because I hadn't been around the mining area, so the red ground, man made lakes, big hills and the whole experience was fun.