Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GPS and Handlebar Mount

I've always used a bike computer on all my bikes, that was until i got my 1st GPSr unit, a Garmin Map60, 7-10 years ago, and i haven't looked back since!!!
i use it mostly for mapping trails that i would ride my bike on, with hunting and fishing coming in a close 2nd. since that time i discovered Geocaching, and that sport and biking fit very well together!! lol

when i bought the Map60, it was the top of the line at the time, and i think i paid around  $450.00-$500.00, along with the Garmin handlebar mount and cradle.
since then, the price for this unit has plunged with touch screen mapping handhelds taking over.

since purchasing that 1st Garmin unit, i also own the Map60CS, (which is now discontinued), but similar to the Map60Cx, minus the mini SD card.

for over two years  now I've owned the Map60CSx.
i can't say enough about this GPSr and Garmin in general!!!
costumer service is 2nd to none, and the sensitivity of this GPSr is awesome!!
I've had the location down to 3'-6' at times, and that's pretty damn tight!!
the mapping feature is just awesome, and the learning curve for this series of Garmin is not steep in the least. if i can master it, a monkey shouldn't have a problem!!! :0

Hey Vito,
if you are in the market for a GPSr, check this site out. ;)
if you haven't already, they have great prices, and a bunch of different mounts.

just a word on mounts...... a friend of mine just got the RAM bike mount, and he isn't happy with all the parts that goes into this mount. just an FYI.

i like the mount i got with my original unit. two pieces and that's that, it's on my bike and isn't going anywhere.

simple handlebar mount held down nicely by one screw!!
if you want to mount it in a different spot, not a problem use a thinner rubber spacer. we all have those laying around!!
this mount does come with one thicker rubber spacer, which worked great until i moved the mount towards the inside of my bars.

the cradle that snaps on the back of unit......
like so.
the unit above just slides into the handlebar mount with a loud "click" and your good to go!!

I've had plenty of crashes and the GPSr hasn't moved anywhere, in my book that's what it's all about.


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