Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sunday Pedal and Drive

6 a.m. I ran into this family, mom and dad weren't very happy!!

23 miles by 10am, then off to Gheen to visit the Mayor.

The kids even got the Mayor out on his bike today!!!

And the usual goofiness!!lol


  1. I love the red dirt, I don't get up to the range much but when I do I try not to wash any of the dirt off of my gear or vehicles. PS Are you going to Squirel Fest ?

  2. yes, the red rock/dust/mud is awesome!! lol

    i'm hoping to make the nutty fest!!!
    it is on the calendar, and the wife knows about it!!!
    i have also been dropping hints, so we'll see!!
    if i do make it, i'll drop ya line, or just look for the red covered Pugs!! lol


  3. 23 miles on the FatTires by 10:00 good job riding. :-)