Tuesday, June 28, 2011

After Work Pedal

So, i leave work at 3:15............ home by 3:45.
both kids are walking out the door with their Nana Barbie, Cindi has a girlfriend over.
hmmm, so i sat at the dinner table and ate some cold pizza, and waited till Cindi came back in. that's when i heard..... "why don't you go for a bike ride!!!"
20.5 miles and 4 geocaches put out, i feel great!!
Thank you Cindi, I LOVE you!!

this is what most of what i rode today looked like....... and it was a lot of fun with the Pug!!
we need a good week of dry weather, there was some trails that were completely under water. unfortunately my camera wasn't charged up and these pictures was all i could get outta her.



  1. A cyclist favorite words...."why don't you go for a bike ride!!!"

  2. Looking like some fun there! !