Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Loaner Will Return!!

Usually I'm a pretty good judge of character; then again, maybe I think more of myself then I should? 

Over the years, 20 plus to be exact.... I've tried to get guys together to ride for longer than I can remember; without much luck.
Sure, my friends and I used to ride together all the time. We all even went to Lutsen Mountains twice a year (spring and fall), before they gave up on bikes. 
Well, one thing leads to another, guys got married and started families. Some moved away for work; while others lost interest in human powering two wheels. 
I never held it against any one of them. 

After that time, I've had my own children, and stopped trying to get others to ride with me, and accepted riding by myself 99% of the time. 

In the mean time (within the last year) a mountain bike club has formed in town. A totally good thing

Over the years...... Since I've had children.......

If I had kids/family things going on, I didn't ride. 
If the kids/family things fell through or got done early, I went for a ride. 
No matter how much I didn't/don't like the fact, the kids/family stuff always comes 1st!! 
I ride before work, even if I start at 5 a.m. I make time to ride before hand.

I've come to realize (since I've had kids) that some people don't get that fact, and hold the fact I have responsibilities against me.
This fact was hammered home last night, and yet again I reside myself to riding by myself, or with my two fat biking young ones.

Anyway, being told I can kiss someone's ass; and they have a problem with this town, and I'm one of the people he has a problem with, just because I can't ride at a particular date and time??!!??!! 
All of this because I have the responsility of a family and kids. 

So be it, and I'll enjoy my time riding yet again by myself!! 
I have no plans in the near future to do anything with the local club, and will slowly pull away from all rides/events that involve others!! 
This may change with time, but as of right now, I'll again be going back to my "loaner" self! 
it's sad how one person, who I thought was a friend, could turn me off to the social aspect of mountain biking!! 

Anyway, this is how I feel, and I've just had it!! 

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