Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Carbon Framed Fatty......... Hold That Thought!!!

Thanks to these guys!!!
Gotta love this time of the year!!
Now for some new rubber!!

I can now say, my want for a carbon fatty has passed, (for now;) and probably for the best anyway! Lol

I've already got the wheel-set in a box gathering dust behind the couch. Ha Ha
All that's needed are wider hubs, RaceFace Turbine double or 1x11?? 
Thinking simpler is better!! ;)

Now, what color??? 

I'm kind of liking this here burnt orange. 
As Big Brian pointed out, it'd be like an Iron Range camouflage. ;)
Ok, I was told NO purple!! ;)

It should be noted I was thinking......
Carbon Frames: 
Borealis Yampa..... 9:zero:7 Whiteout.

I was also thinking Surly ICT, but that went by the wayside with Surly putting a press-fit BB on the ICT. 
For the places and things I rides through, a press-fit BB is asking for trouble! 

What about a FS Fatty you ask? 
IMHO a FS Fatty is not for winter riding PERIOD, at least not a Minnesota winter!! 
A Florida winter, sure, nothing colder than freezing (32F) though.
Why spend 5K plus and then blowup a Bluto and a rear shock?? 

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