Monday, August 4, 2014

The 2014 GRE Mesabi Trail Tour

The 2014 ride is now "in the books."

There's plenty I wasn't happy with about this years running of the GRE Mesabi Trail Tour, but that's what the comment cards are for!! 
This here blog is about fun, well most of the time anyway!! Lol

A huge shout out to this group.....

For having the desire to join me in the celebration of the FatBike! 
Even though it's not (and never will be) the most optimal tool for the job.... You guys made it through!! 
Kudos; I'm proud to know, and have ridden with each and every one of you!! 

One of our crew has the spot at the top......

Mr. Marty Mathis aka "Pugzilla" rocked his Surly Pugsely Ops to the tune of a 14mph average over 75 miles!! 
Nicely done Sir...... A more humble ass kicker I've never met!! 

Here's everybody at the finish.... Minus Mr. Ass Kicker; who I'm sure was showered with his feet up, chilling with the Mrs. by the time we all crossed the line!!

Here's some random pictures throughout the day....... I'm sure I'll come across more, and when I do, I'll post them up.

Also it should be noted...... I got to meet Scott and Susan who are putting on the Fiddlin' Fifty. (Links and more info are in post's below.)
Nice people...... AND........ If you haven't sent in your postcards, what are you waiting for?? It should be a great day August 23rd.... riding northern Minnesota gravel!! 

And my two FatBiking kids, what can I say...... They are real troopers, and are starting to master their Fatties! 
Love you Zack and Jenna!!

I took Mr. Pugzilla's teaching moment, and ran with it! ;)
This one is in a tie with me and Mr. Ass-Kicker pictured above....
Look at the flow of that beard!!! 
Sweet as hell Big B..... Sweet as hell!! 

And then there's Mom Cindi..... She puts up with a lot of biking stuff, and takes it in stride!! Love you Cindi/Mom!!
Mrs. E. as your husband put it so well, your father was with you every pedal turn and was smiling all day long!! 
Be proud of your Accomplishment!! 

Pedal On!!!


  1. Riding 75 miles on the stunning Iron Range, is hard to beat. By the way BroJo, you, the lovely Cindi and your kids, ROCK!

  2. You hit the nail on the head Marty. Although this was a ride I was not sure I was ready for on the Fat Tire. Friends took me well beyond what I thought I was capable of. As usual the Mesabi Trail rocked, Joe and his family rock and all the volunteers rocked. It was fun meeting ~C~, Z & J the driving force behind BroJo.