Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fiddlin' Fifty Recap

What a perfect day for a ride on northern Minnesota gravel and forest roads!! 
The rain held off for the whole day, a few sprinkles here and there, but otherwise as near perfect of a day as there could've been! 

Scott and Susan put on a small, quality grass roots gravel ride in style! 
The volunteers were AWESOME!
The course layout and cue sheets were spot on! 
The driving force behind this event!!
Scott and Susan.....

The feeling of being in the middle of no where is an awesome feeling I love and know well, being from this area! 

20 people signed up, 18 showed. 
Those who passed on this years ride, missed out..... And should really put this ride on their 2015 ride calendar!

A special shout out to Mr. Deathrider! 
Thanks for hanging out until my slow ass finished!! LOL
It always amazes me the quality types who attend these events!! 
It was spelendid finally shaking your hand, and BSing with you after many years of talking over the net and phone! You made a great impression on my family; and hopefully we can join you and your family this coming weekend at Cuyuna! 

The fast guys were really fast!!
I always like to see those guys kick it down, as I usually bring up the rear. Lol 

Two of those fast guys I was talking about.
Marko and "DeathRider"

As always it was a great day for two wheels!! 
A few photos, as always, as I find more I'll post them up.

Dino, Mr. Deathrider, and myself.

Scott talking bikes.

My girl cheering me on..... Soon she'll be rocking these rides herself! 

Our Zack riding with the group at the start....... By hanging out at these events, he's starting to get the gravel itch!!

The crew!

Rolling out....

I had a nice time chatting up these two,
Al and Vel Jurenic of Eveleth, Mn., and look forward to seeing their fat tandem they have plans on getting built! 

Photo by Mr. DeathRider.

Posing with grouse. 
Don't ask, because it's not my story to tell!! Lol
Rob Raplinger, Virginia, Mn.
Dean McCauley, Ely, MN.

Rick P.

The "DeathRider" rig; loaded up for whatever adventure comes to mind!!
Let's see..... Which tool from the tool-box??

Bringing up the rear!! ;)

Photo credit to Erik and Kristin Ricker-Coleman of Duluth, Mn.
As Erik says, "various children." Two of the "various children" are ours. Lol

A special thank you to Mom/Cindi for all the wonderful pictures!!
(Unless it's noted different)
She's starting to get the hang of her new camera!!

Pedal On!!

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  1. Looks like a tun o fun!! A tandem fatty...sweeeeett!!