Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Tuesday Afternoon

Come home from work..... Kids being ramrod's, Mom breathing deeply in corner, (not really, but she could've been)....  Me.... "When I'm done with my shower, we're gone!!" 
They put the hurt on their mother all day.... Yup.. You know I'm gonna hurt them just a little bit on this ride!! ;)

It started out fine.... Just to keep it normal for awhile. LOL

Ok, now the hurt just a little part!! ;)
We stopped and threw rocks 1st. Ha Ha 

The hill isn't that long, but my point was made, and they knew it without a word being said!!
Don't mess with Mom!!! 

A couple of troopers right here!!! 
Sleep came easy, when they finally were done cleaning the red ore off themselves!! Now I need to clean the shower!!! Lol

The Fiddlin' 50 goes off this Saturday.... Looking forward to it, and finally meeting a few people face to face!! 
Pedal On!!!

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