Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Under Pressure

First ride of the year with the bike club here in town last night.
A big whopping 2 people showed up!!
Me and my good buddy Mike F.
Start Time:6:00p.m. End:7:30
Start Temp:39 End Temp:28
Wind 10 MPH out of the east throughout.
Distance:10.5 miles
I also did something I've never done on my Pugs last night, I rode with more than 10 PSI. in the tires. Since i've never put more than 10 PSI or lower in the fat tires, i was interested to see how it handled higher pressure. I knew before i even put more air in that the ride would be harsh, I just wasn't expecting it to be that bad!! I mean really, what was I expecting???!
15 up front, and 16 in back. Every bump/crack in the road was magnified that much more. I left the tires where I had them for my ride to work this morning. Yup, still just as harsh and very unforgiving at those pressures. Sometime today I'll be dialing them back into what (for me), is the perfect set-up for year round pedaling of the fat bike!! A 6-10 PSI. front tire, and a 8-10 PSI. Rear tire. To each their own, but I like the plush ride of the Pugs with the pressures where I have come to like them. Yes, I may have to work harder than the other person, but what the hell, big deal!! In the long run i'm becoming stronger, and building a better base?? Lol Yeah, yeah that's what I'm telling myself......... (from Pugsley) Shhhs......Don't tell him, but he's full of crap, and that's just his way of covering up that's he slow as hell!!! ;)


  1. That was funny. I was reading your profle, and I read this part to my lady, 'I'm not pleasant to be around if I don't ride my bike' and she says to me, "SOUNDS LIKE YOU" lol, oh well, :-)

  2. The good thing Dave, is they "GET IT", and are alright with "IT".
    It took me many many years, and many many mistakes, before I found the ONE that gets it!!
    I for one love that fact, as I'm sure you do also!!
    I Love You Cindi!!