Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things are Drying Out Nicely!

It's taken awhile, but the majority of the snow is gone, or just about gone. Now we have some big red iron ore mudholes to navigates around, along with the odd red sink holes that will suck up the unsuspecting skinny tire bikers!! ;)
Hell, the super soft red stuff gives even the 4" tires a run for their money!
Good thing my motor has a super low gear!! ;)

My miles to date for my Geocaching series, "Pedal On" are up to 30 miles, as of placement of two more cache's yesterday after work. The miles should start to really rack up as I place more further from home.
I think this weekend the boys and I will be placing two, maybe more, if their young legs will allow them to.
I know Thomas will be due for a good pedal,(Godspeed Jake!!), and Zack is always up for an adventure, and bombing through the big red puddles!! :)


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