Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Bikers Turned Away By the NPS

A interesting read, I thought more should see.
I guess the 4" wide tires are gonna mess up that snomo tread??!! ;)

After giving this some thought throughout the morning.....
......Oh boy...... ;)

I understand snow biking is relatively new, and misunderstood in a way.
We who ride snow bikes know full well what/where they can be ridden.
How can riding on snomo trails be a bad thing to do? (We aren't hurting the trail, and we're out pedaling at our own risk.)
Being hit by a snomo comes to mind 1st!!
If I were a XC skier or a snowshoe person, I'd much rather have a biker come up behind at 5-10 mph than a snomo at God knows what speed.
As someone said in the "FatBikes" forum on MTBR, (where I grabbed this article from), in Alaska, snomos and Fat bikes (along with other trail users), have been sharing the trails for 20+ years!!!
Then again there is a very good reason they run the AH135 during the week!!




  1. Hi JoBoo, is there a link posted to this post? I couldn't connect. Seems like and interesting topic. That certainly is an issue here. Thanks

  2. MrDaveyGie ~~~ There you go Sir. Is that what you were talking about? "Links to this post??"